Founded in 2002 by Bahtiyar Karakoç in Giresun Industrial Estate.


With the investments made in line with the needs, Prolift Elevator, which has opened its new factory in Bursa Industrial Zone on an area of 16.000 m2, has increased its production capacity to the maximum level with the latest technology.


2 Panels to 6 Panels central and telescopic elevator landing and car doors (painted stainless, decorative, glass and PVC) in its own structure by designing the 95/16 / EC elevator directive EN81-20-50, EN81-58 Prolift Elevator products that meet the standards of production has been certified by local and international institutions.


Prolift Elevator, which was established to produce 10.000 doors a year, has increased its production capacity to 160.000 per year with exports to Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa in the expanding market.


Prolift Elevator, which is the leader of the sector in production and sales of landing and car doors from 2014 to today, targets to take its leadership to the international level.


By year 2018, Prolift Elevator, which exports to 34 countries, added Package Lift systems to its product range in line with the demands and within this scope ; elevator cabin, elevator control board, suspension, weight carcass and machine chassis production by continuing its steady growth.